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Patrecia Lee (Hillyard) Booth

February 18, 1953 ~ March 1, 2021 (age 68)



 Trish will be remembered for many things. She might be remembered for...

Being Deannes big sister and how she couldn't say deanne’s name when she joined the family. She called her De-Hawn. So, everybody started to call her De-Hawn and she would get upset and sternly say, “Not De-Hawn!-- De-Hawn! Deanne has been lovingly referred to as De-Hawn ever since.
Or she might be remembered for taking Fred's place as the baby of the family when she was born. This was a source of contention their whole lives. Fred was always picking on her and she would push back. I remember when she would wear bush hair rollers in her hair to get beautiful curls, Fred would walk by and push on the curlers and make the brushes dig into her head and the fight was on.
Or she might be remembered for riding her paint horse all summer long when she was a teenager. Her love for horses and all animals was an important part of her life. Growing up, at times they would have rabbits, a goat and numerous cats and dogs. But, the horses were her favorite, Buttons for one. She and Kirby had many pets over the years, Digger, Barney, the 4 Yorkies, Gussie, Ruger, Kimmi, and Teaka.
She might be remembered for being quite athletic and playing for the Afton Second Ward Girls volleyball and softball teams who won the stake tourneys a few times. Her love for sports continued through out her adult life as she played outlaw volleyball and she would even cheer for Tom Brady. We can't figure that one out! Why would anyone cheer for Tom Brady?
She will definitely be remembered by our family for the time that she sat on the edge of Mom and Dad's bed and was holding Dad's .22 rifle in her hands and while gazing in the mirror and admiring how cool she looked, it went off and shot a hole in the mirror. She had a lifelong love of guns and she liked to shoot squirrels even though she missed a lot.
She might be remembered for her musical talent for singing in the school choir, playing the flute in the band and being in the musicals in high school. When Star Valley High did a production of Oklahoma, she got the part where she had to kiss a boy on stage. That caused a stir!
She might be remembered for being a Pep Star, Prancer, (their day equivalent of Brave Cadettes), and being honored as Miss SVHS her Junior Year. That honor was elected by her classmates as one who they thought represented the school best through their kindness, courtesy, school activity and service.
She might be remembered for not always being a good influence. She loved to go shopping . Didn't matter what for. If you needed new shoes, she would say let's go shopping. A new car, let's go shopping. We have been having some trouble with our side X Side lately, and her solution was, “OK, Let's go Shopping! There is a new Talon in Mesquite, let's go look! ” Why don't you get a 4 seat General, let's go look! She loved shiny new trucks, didn't care much for cars, but really liked trucks.
She might be remembered for hardly ever missing an episode of Days of Our Lives, Young and the Restless and she loved the Curse of Oak Island. Fox News became her entertainment during the past election season. Trump all the way! She liked to read CJ Box Books, about church history, aliens, and family histories.
 She might be remembered for how tough she was. She had a ruptured appendix at age 3-4. It ruptured because she didn't tell mom she was in pain. Gave birth without drugs, had knee replacement surgery on one knee on Thursday and then on the other one the next Monday. Strong and Brave.
She might be remembered for her adventurous spirit. She was up for anything be it traveling the world with Karen to visit Calee in D.C, Italy Kansas, and Hawaii. She loved to boogie board in the ocean, she loved floating down sheep creek on an air mattress, no less, she loved lounging in Waterdog Lake. She loved driving in the mountains with Kirby. Hunting, fishing and and camping on Greys River and exploring the world.
She might be remembered for her sense of humor. Becky can still hear her laugh.
She will be remember most for her hands. Her hands weren't the long beautiful fingers, manicured and painted every week and decorated for the seasons of the year that you see in magazines. Her hands were the ones that Kirby fell in love with way back in high school. Their “Best Friendship” has been going on for about 50 years. They did everything together,
Her hands were the ones Deanne remembers rubbing lotion on squirming, laughing, chubby little babies she loved so much. Deanne would watch her do that and this is what made her want to be a mom someday. Kirby held those hands on the alter in the Idaho Falls Temple when they were sealed for time and all eternity. With Joe and Calee kneeling at their side, they became a forever family. Will was added to that forever family when he was born through the covenants they made that day.
Her hands took care of all the little kids at Osmond Elementary as they came through the lunch line. Deanne had the chance to visit her at the school a few times when was serving and she spoke to each child as if they were her best friend. She has told Deanne that sometimes she might run in to those grown up kids at the store years later and they would recognize her and say, Mrs. Booth, you made the best lunches. She enjoyed that.
Her hands will be remembered for how very talented she was. She was the crafter extraordinaire. She made dolls, quilts, cards, scrapbooks, wall art, you name it, she could make it, Usually without a pattern. Sammy remembers painting rocks that they would pick out of the driveway. They would turn the rocks into beautiful animal art. She was working on gnome dolls these past few weeks for Joe's birthday. She made an advent calendar that was passed down to Joanne’s kids. Everyone cherished her handmade creations. It was a little harder to make things lately because of the arthritis in her hands. She especially loved to make Christmas things. She loved Christmas. Everyone remembers her Christmas village with her train. Her Grandkids remember knowing where the presents were hidden. They were in the closet upstairs. It was her hands that organized our family Christmas Eve party every year. So much fun! We all got together at the Booth house or at the school when our numbers got too many, played games, ate good food and shared presents. She made a Nativity puppet set that all the kids used to put on a show each year. These beautiful puppets were used to remind us of our Savior's birth. This tradition was one that the kids really loved and we hold these puppets very dear to our hearts.
 Trisha's hands fixed our mother's hair every week for years after her stroke. Knowing how important it was to our Mom that her hair looked nice, Trisha would drive to Thayne to fix mom's hair when she was at Legacy. After we brought mom back to Afton, this act of love continued the remainder of mom's life.
Her hands will be remembered for the many times she got their. trailer ready for camping up her beloved Grey's River. They will be remembered for all the meals she cooked in a dutch oven. Her hands will be remembered for holding her binoculars scanning the mountain side for elk or deer and thinking she spotted something only to have Kirby say, “That's a bush,Trisha!”
Trish is survived by her husband, three children, 5 Grandchildren, 1 Great Grandchild. is now in a better place . She is with Mom and Dad and Fred, Grandpa Cal and Kelly hopefully not causing problems, A Forever family that's what we are.

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Graveside Service
March 8, 2021

12:00 PM
Afton Cemetery

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